Frequently Asked Questions

1. If the item is not stock what is exact lead time to when they can get the merchandise?

We check to see if an item is on an incoming container or is on our next order to be placed with our warehouse in China. If it is on an incoming container it is approximately 2 weeks for arrival however those coming may be for existing orders. If it is on an order to placed from China it can take 4-6 weeks. If it is in productions then it can take 8-12 weeks.

2. What is the availability of items?

Depends on the item they are looking for. We do our best to either stock it in Kent, WA warehouse or our Consolidation Center in China.

3. What is the shipping costs going to be?

Depends on your location and the amount of merchandise that is shipping.

4. What is the approximate delivery/shipping time from the Kent, WA warehouse?

1-2 weeks depending on your location.

5. What is the status of my order?

With regular in house orders it truly depends on merchandise availability but we do check and will call back with status within 24 hours.

6. Why do we have discontinued items?

We want only the best for Moes customers and as we introduce new product we discontinue others. We try to keep our website as up to date as possible and if you order something we have discontinued we will let you know as soon as possible.

For any other questions, please look at our Terms & Conditions or you can reach our Customer service team at 1-800-967-9942 option 2 or via e-mail at