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Join us once again for Digital Market: The Immersive Journey. With the overlap between the online and the physical world rapidly growing, the newest Digital Market edition emphasizes digital connectivity, designing information for distance but not total disconnect.

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Since 1986, Moe's Home Collection has brought stylish home furnishings across all categories to thousands of homes around the globe.

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A nod to industrial styling. This table balances dark hues & sculptural form idyllically with a solid tabletop of carbonized mango wood against a striking iron-based design. Sleek & contemporary, bring an artistic atmosphere to your dining design with this quietly elegant statement.


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Our home, our sanctuaries, as our new, flexible everything. With more time spent at home, we see our relationship with furniture evolving, embracing a new era of comfort and flexibility. With FW2020/21 comes a fueling of a more reliable connection with our design at home, accelerating how we curate & have control over our environments.

The sensorial movement towards darker, cooler tones, stained woods & carbonized finishes that incite timelessness & comfort, giving interiors a feeling of stillness. For Fall/Winter 2020/21, color emerges as a critical way of creating mood & atmosphere as we demand more from the spaces we are spending the most time in. It’s not just about the look of interiors, but the feelings they need to convey.

The push towards soft, natural & tactile materials continues to be a central direction for FW 2020/21. Introductions of more calming & soothing substances such as wood, stone, mineral tones & natural fibers promote rest & well-being while embracing rougher textures that keep us in touch with nature.

Fall/Winter 2020/21 will celebrate rounded silhouettes, sloped & curved contours that embrace visual & mental calm. We focus on products that evoke soothing qualities, provide tactility & welcoming appeal with cozy, rounded profiles, overstuffed, cushioned features & sumptuous fabrics that provide a reassuring feel for interiors.

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prevailing tendencies

or inclinations

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With the broader culture of our Key Directions for Fall/Winter 2020/21 still front and center, Digital Market will focus on an immersive, virtual journey to scale up product knowledge and micro-trends. With the release of 20 brand new product introductions embedded into a fresh Digital Showroom Tour, video clips within the exploration tool, and a free-flowing showroom walkthrough with Maura Dineen, Moe’s head of Visual Planning, we hope to unlock new ways to create, collaborate and learn.